secure backups
We have 8 years of security experience. All our servers run hardened systems, with always up to date applications. We take our customers security very seriously, because in most cases, you will be backing up online shops, databases, site access data, so security is something we take as a priority.

Each customer runs the backups in a separate environment, and data protection is secured by several sentries, such as password bruteforce protection, firewalls and OS level protection.

Our servers are owned hardware, all our equipment is owned, and it is stored in dedicated racks, to which only a handful of people have access. Access to our servers is based on keycards, and our racks are locked, which means we are not only concerned on the servers security, but also about the physical security of our systems.

We love to provide great services to our customers, and with the added security in place, we can do just that. If you are a security oriented person, our backup solutions will suit you perfectly.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail admin [at] xsBackup [dot] com , and we will answer all of your questions.

Rares Dumitrescu