From: Rob Denbecker
Message: I have been an xsBackup user for about 4 months now, and i have been nothing but happy. Backups have been working properly, and i found here the reliability that i did not get with other hosting providers. I would recommend xsBackup to anyone that is in need for a reliable hosting provider.

From: Joao P.
Message: There isn't much to say about a good service, since a good service you just use, without any interference. This is the exact thing i expected from xsBackup, and that's what i got. The backups simply work, and i have yet needed to open up a support ticket.

From: Rick D.
Message: Became an xsBackup customer a few months ago, and i have been a happy user ever since. My data is secure, and the staff has been professional and friendly all along. Thumbs up, and i hope xsBackup keeps the same level of service in the future!